Roofing Education and Sales Team Members’ Testimonials

If you have been searching high and low for a brand new career, but you feel that because you don’t know a thing about roofs or roofing you needn’t apply with RRSA, (which is not true, we train!) one great way to get your foot in the door as a roofing salesman is to learn what you can with free webinars, articles, YouTube videos, and advice from professional roofing companies and suppliers.

A career with RRSA selling roofs will ultimately change your life. As they say, there’s proof in the pudding, so take a minute to read a few of our current sales team members’ personal testimonials about their start with RRSA and how it changed their life and the lives of their families for the better and filled their formerly empty pocketbooks.

At RRSA we don’t care what you’re former experience is, or about your past. We believe in second chances, new beginnings, and you will be welcome with open arms if you are serious about working hard and making good money. All you need to be is an honest, quality person who is hungry for a better life. Show up with these attributes and we’ll show you the way to make it happen.

As far as learning about the roofing business before you apply or start working, even though you may have no roofing experience, (we train!) some people feel better once they know a little about what they will be doing once they’re hired. There is a section of the GAF website called CARE, Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, which offers so much free stuff to help you learn it boggles the mind! They have live webcam events, showing exactly how to do a roofing job, free webinars, articles, blog posts, and videos. A few days of studying on your own using GAF’s free tools will make you far more confident when you are ready to interview with RRSA, or any roofing company.

Come to work for us in Chicago! We still have many months left in our busy season and we need quality salespeople just like you. Contact Justin Dowd at 303-587-7750 for your life changing interview today!

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