Your Career Is Affected by Your Personal Finances

There might have been a time decades ago when your personal finances had little to do with your job or career. You could have had a great a career with an important title, like a manager or even CEO and had money trouble at home which would not affect your career. Probably no one at your place of employment would even have known that you were struggling financially.

However, those days are long past. In fact, it often happens in our modern times that before you can get hired for an important job you go through a credit check and the results of that credit check will have a direct impact on whether you get hired or not. This article from Glassdoor titled Can Personal Finance Problems Affect Your Career? states in no uncertain terms that yes, they can. Here is a quote from that article, “A whopping 83 percent of HR managers said personal financial problems had a large impact or some impact on employee performance. Ability to focus on work and overall employee stress were performance factors that were most noticeably affected by financial problems.”

Add social media to the mix and you could easily be passed up for a job. You must be careful of your online reputation if you plan on having a great career. This article from The Undercover Recruiter titled The Impact of Your Online Reputation on Your Career has this to say, “Unless you’ve got secure privacy settings on your accounts, just about anyone, whether they be a potential employer, client or colleague, can see exactly what you’ve been sharing with your network. So it’s important to put some thought into what content you share online and what kind of image it might give off about you.

So it goes without saying, be careful what you post online if you plan on having a successful career. But for the purpose of this article, we are focusing strictly on how your personal finances can affect your career and how to make sure you keep your finances in tip-top shape. For help with that important task let’s take a look at what Chase Rubin has to say. Chase has served the financial industry for more than twenty years. This particular quote from Chase, “There is often an issue with individuals looking to develop their career as an entrepreneur which can be limited by their personal financial situation. It is important for any individual to remember they must treat their personal finances in check if they wish to develop their business in a professional and efficient way,” backs up our premise, that your personal finances directly affect your career. Even though that quote was initially directed at entrepreneurs, it also applies to those who are seeking an important job. One great way to begin getting your personal finances in order so that the job of your dreams won’t slip through your fingers is by finding a mentor like Chase Rubin and following their advice.




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