The Importance of Passion: Advice From Photographer Ismail Sirdah

If you asked most successful entrepreneurs and other small business owners what drives them, one answer that will almost always be included is passion. In this article from Forbes, written by Mike Kappel, CEO of a software company and the creator of five startups, Is Passion Good For Business? the answer is a resounding yes. Another authority site, Business Insider, and this article, CEO Explains Why Passion is Key to Success, delves into the life of David Lucatch, CEO of Yappn and how he created great business success by starting with what made him passionate.

So it is a given that passion needs to be the main ingredient in your business plan. Today we are going to concentrate the brunt of this blog post here at Real Career US on the advice of photographer Ismail Sirdah as she shares his life story in an article at Idea Mensch, and how passion was what started him on the road to great success. One of our favorite parts of that article is this section:

Key Learnings:

  • Every day, re-evaluate your priorities. Write down three things that you want to focus on, and ignore the rest.
  • Mistakes can be fun. Instead of trying to hide your mistakes, learn to laugh at them.
  • When failures happen, it’s important to ask yourself about what new direction you are being led in. There’s usually a message in the failure.

As you can see from the key learnings of Ismail Sirdah, he has a great sense of humor. That is another key to success along with passion, the ability to laugh at yourself. We sometimes take life far too seriously and forget to stop and smell the roses. Running a successful business as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming at times, so having this great ability of not taking yourself too seriously has saved many a business owner or other entrepreneur worlds of trouble and plenty of headaches. It is a given that you will make mistakes, but don’t spend too much time rehashing them in your head. Just learn, laugh and move on to the next thing.

In conclusion, we have decided that the main ingredient in the true success of any kind lies in your passion for what you are doing. The bottom line is that if you don’t have the passion for what you are creating, you will not have great success at it or will soon tire of the whole thing. Passion is what drives us, and this is as it should be. As humans, we are built to be passionate. So go out there and find what makes your heart beat faster and pursue it with everything you have. The team here at Real Career US wishes you the greatest success filled with passion. If you would like to express how passion has helped you be successful, we welcome your comments below. Have a great day!

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