Jim Rohn – Personal Development – Living An Exceptional Life Video

Good Sunday morning, Real Career Readers and RRSA Salesmen! If you don’t do another thing today, watch this video. It will be of great help in getting your week started off right. Set aside some time, for this video is 47 minutes long, but worth every minute.

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    If you don't do anything else today, watch this video. Roofing salesmen will learn a lot about sales motivation from watching.
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    Since today is Friday and RRSA roofing salesmen are always looking for motivation and inspiration, here is an awesome article from Tiny Buddha, whose newsletter I subscribe to for my own personal inspiration. This article nails it, so read for sure. HOW TO BECOME MORE RESILIENT SO NOTHING CAN KEEP…
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    I believe that as roofing salesmen, RRSA team members who sell roofing are far more like entrepreneurs than employees. The system is set up this way to give roofing salesmen the highest amount of freedom and no ceiling on their earnings, except the ones they set for themselves. In that…
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    The following 25 tips on getting motivated to sell more is from Jim Meisenheimer. Jim publishes the Start Selling More Newsletter. The focus is on common sense sales tips and selling strategies based on practical ideas that get you immediate results. The information is for all salespeople but it really…
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    “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” — Oprah Winfrey Passion. Let's talk about it. You may not feel that you are a passionate person, but every single one of us IS passionate about something. If we weren't we'd be dead. Just the…
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