What Do our Roofing Salesmen Do in the Winter?

RRSA is coming to the end of our busy season for 2016. Usually by Thanksgiving our roofing salesmen are home with their families and will remain so until April-May, when we decide where we’ll be setting up our next wind damage/hail storm.

So what do RRSA roofing salesmen do while they are off for the winter? The pics below will tell the story, and if these images look like something you could handle, making enough money from May-Nov that you get to take the winter off, call Justin Dowd at 303-587-7750 for an interview. We are always looking for bright, enthusiastic people who we can train to sell roofing across the USA.

A lot of our salesmen play golf

Our salesmen get to spend the winter with their families

Our roofing salesmen save their off time for relaxation and vacations.

Time off in the winter is a great way to catch up on all those honey do projects

You get the picture. It’s a great life!

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