What Does YOUR Roofing Salesman Want for Christmas?

It is that time of year again and maybe, like last Christmas, you are shaking your head, trying to decide on the perfect gift for the roofing salesman in your life. These earth-shakers are a different breed of salesman, entrepreneurs at heart, and therefore, maybe hard to buy for.

To help you figure out what to buy your roofing salesman for Christmas, below are a few suggestions we think they would love:

1. Leather toiletry case–For roofing salesmen, this would be a perfect gift, for they are usually traveling to new storm roofing jobs.

2. Nice briefcase–Nothing makes a statement about a roofing salesman like a high quality briefcase. Customers will see your roofing salesman is serious when he carries his product papers and contracts in something like this.

3. Tickets to see his favorite sports team or free tee time–In our experience, most roofing salesmen are men and most of our RRSA team members either love sports and/or play golf. This would be an ideal Christmas gift.

4. Bluetooth Headset–Most roofing salesmen are on the phone A LOT, so the convenience of a bluetooth headset couldn’t be stressed enough. He will thank you for this great Christmas gift.

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