Roofing Sales Advice From Pros to a New Roofing Salesman


There is no better place to get solid advice on how to be successful as a roofing salesmen than from those who have been there and done that. There is this awesome conversation I found on Reddit, a social networking and sharing site, where a new roofing salesman is asking for advice from those who sell roofing or have sold roofing before.

Some of the stuff there is golden, so make sure and take a few minutes to read this thread.

Here is just a portion of one of the best answers to this new roofing salesman’s question:

I do outside sales right now, but I have done a fair amount of door to door.
1) I’m guessing you are managing your own routes. Keep track of the doors you knock on, so you can follow up on the one’s who didn’t answer in the previous pass. I never did more than one pass, but it was a different product. When you are working an area, spend 1/3 of your time doing calbacks, and 2/3 on new doors. Again, this was for one pass.

2) Know your product, know your lines, know your likely objections and responses. By having things to say, you give yourself time to observe and listen — this is the whole key. You need to know where they are at in order to show them why they want what you are selling. I will have a full presentation memorized, and standard responses for likely objections at the ready.

3) Know what you are selling! If you are out gathering leads, you are NOT SELLING ROOFS, you are selling appointments. Know what you want from an appointment: both decision makers, times you like (not they like) in fact, offer them two choices of time: “do you want Tuesday eve at 7:30 or Wednesday at 3pm?”. This narrows the decision for them, making it easier to decide, and also creates a sense of urgency and importance by implying a scarcity of your time. If they want an appointment and need a different time, they will tell you so. Only sell roofs when you are in the meeting. Again know your presentation, watch and listen.

4) Get little agreements before you get big agreements. Getting them to agree that a metal roof will last way longer, or that they do indeed need to get a new roof, will help you when you close. Unless you are doing assumptive closing, ask your question and STFU. Let them talk FIRST. wait a half hour if you need to.”

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