Best Posts for Storm Roofing Salesmen from Across the Web

Good morning, Real Career US Readers! Today I want to share with you what I consider the best posts from across the internet for storm roofing salesmen. I know as a former salesperson myself that salesmen are always looking for motivation, inspiration, tips and advice on how to be better at their jobs.

I made a point of not choosing the same old same old, the regurgitated stuff we all have read more times than we can count. Hopefully these articles will bring something new to the sales advice table. If you know of a post that you feel should be included in this roundup, by all means leave a comment and I will consider adding it.

Tip: Don’t Pay any Attention to when these blog posts were written, I went for the best, period. These kind of articles are considered Evergreen, which means they have timeless value.

Best Posts from Across the Web for Storm Roofing Salesmen

Tales from the Customer: Doctor Frankenstein by Job Nimbus-A very fun, entertaining article with some cool images, but also with great advice for customer service ideas.

Ten Tips for More Effective Sales Presentations
–I found this great article at It is written by Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing in Naples, Florida. Howdy,Neighbor!

The Importance of Good Manners in Storm Roofing Salesmen–Written by yours truly, Denise Grier, professional freelance writer, blogger, and SEO expert with special expertise in roofing. Something to think about in this post.

How to Sell More Roofing–This article from the Small Business section of is included because it gives a layman’s ideas about how to sell more roofs, and includes a few out of the box ideas, like writing an article for a local publication, or working social media. As storm roofing salesmen, it is a hazard of the trade to laser focus on only the same way of doing things. These tips are from the eyes of someone without a dog in the fight.

Speaking of articles being “Evergreen,” as I discussed above, this one from Roofing Contractors again is 13 years old! It still very much applies and has some great, helpful ideas. Seven Offbeat Marketing Ideas.

And last for today but most certainly not least is this article I received in my email inbox from The Muse, Twelve Ways Successful People Deal with Toxic People–We all have someone in our life that fits this description. They are going to rain on any parade within their orbit.

That’s it for today. Again, if you have an article of your own or know of one you think should be included in this roundup of great blog posts for storm roofing salesmen, leave me a comment and I will see about adding it.

Any shares on social media of this post would greatly be appreciated. Have a wonderful day!

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