Helpful GAF Apps and Utilities for RRSA Roofing Salesmen

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Just one of the many reasons RRSA is proud to be a Master Elite Contractor with GAF is the awesome array of iPad and iPhone apps and utilities available to our roofing salesmen to use to make their job easier and themselves more successful. Below are just a few of the apps and utilities available to roofing salesmen from the GAF website:

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GAF Sales Pro–A tool for contractors to create custom in-home sales presentations. This application comes pre-loaded with GAF content and offers pre-structured presentations based on the roofing system selected. The contractor also has the ability to add fully customizable slides to the presentation and insert images straight from the job site, providing a real time experience for the homeowner. This application takes in-home selling to the next level.

Tips from Pros–The most comprehensive collection of in-home selling tips and tricks from some of GAF’s most successful roofing contractors. Exclusively available to GAF’s Certified Contractors to provide best practices on product and warranty offering, measuring and inspection, sales delivery, company infrastructure, closing and follow-up, and other key components to a successful business. Learn from peers and find ways to improve your close rate and ace the in-home sales process!

Just the use of these two apps can make a world of difference in the life of roofing salesmen. But be sure to check out the top link in this post where all of the apps and utilities available from GAF are shown.

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