How Warranties Can Help You Sell More Roofing Jobs


I found this great article at, on the subject of How Warranties Can Help You Sell More Roofing Jobs. Great read for RRSA roofing salesmen. Below is the first portion of the article:

When it comes to roofing manufacturer warranties, the only thing that can be said with certainty is that no two are the same. Some transfer from one homeowner to the next, some don’t. Most are pro-rated, though a few are not. Some begin depreciating after a set time period has elapsed. Exactly which products are covered and for how long also varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from product line to product line. Some warranties are only honored if installed by “credentialed” contractors, which generally means those whose installers have been trained by the manufacturer on how to do the work. One result is that contractors who install the products often view product warranties as deliberately ambiguous. (These roofing warranty comparison charts from Tamko and GAF offer a quick view of warranties on different products by different companies.)”

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