How to Make $20,000 Selling Roofs in Your First 30 Days


New roofing salesmen for RRSA use this blog for training purposes. So with that in mind, this post with advice from an actual, new roofing salesman, John McDonald, is for you guys. The original article can be found here.

1. Get out of your truck.

The number one issue that prevents a salesmen from selling, is when they don’t get out of their truck. When John first started, he decided he was going to knock on 25+ doors a day until he started selling some roofs. John says: “If I never got out of my truck, I’d never be able to knock on any doors.”

2. Know how to sell a free roof inspection.

The very first thing you must know how to do is to sell a free roof inspection. This is your first “close.” You must practice and get great at closing the free roof inspection. It’s actually not too difficult. There will be a few homes with unpleasant and unwilling customers who refuse to allow anyone to do anything, but for the most part, almost everyone is happy to have you inspect their roof for damage. Get on the roof and you’re halfway there.

3. Leverage the area.

John says: “You have to leverage the area you’re working in.” He obtained most of his 20 roofs within a small geography consisting of 2-3 housing additions. John leveraged the power of using neighbors who received insurance claimed roof replacements as an example to the other homeowners in that same housing addition. Chances are if one of the roofs in that housing addition has damage, the others will as well.

4. Don’t stop till it’s dark outside.

John likes to put in a solid 8 hour day when he’s out selling. He goes out at 10 AM and doesn’t stop until the sun goes down. He says: “It’s easy to lie to yourself and waste time when you’re working for yourself. Work hard and you’ll see the results you want.” But focus on the high power, high impact activities…Because being busy is not the same as being productive. Focus your valuable time on the activities that help you close more deals and keep your clients super happy.

5. Be persistent, but not obnoxious.

Follow-ups are the 2nd most important skill to learn in this business, next to knocking on doors. I asked John what his follow-up looks like. He says: “I’m persistent, not obnoxious.” I do my best to encourage the customer and make sure I’m calling them every day until the job is done. Then.. I just sell!“

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